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What began as a weekly opportunity to connect with my two best friends, Paul Shotton and Tony Atkins in 2007 became four years of a brilliant video gaming podcast named Digital Cowboys. When that ended I set out on my own, talking at length about movies; Digital Gonzo. Then in 2014 my wife, Sharon Shaw became my co-host and we changed the name first to Digital Drift and finally to School of Movies, which is what it shall stay as, (because unlike the other three it says exactly what we do in the title). 

Every week we discuss either a movie or TV show or video game in a level of depth that opens up subjects that are frequently dismissed as disposable pop-culture popcorn. Our remit is to make you think about our entertainment in ways you haven't before, and we would far rather introduce you to something that brings us joy than tear down something people love.

You can find three separate feeds on iTunes or anywhere else podcasts are found. We divided it up because after more than ten years our back catalogue became too enormous and chaotic to comfortably navigate, especially for newcomers. 

1. The School of Movies podcast feed, with a selection of our very best material can be found here.

2. The School of Movies Archive contains all of our movie shows in chronological order here. And here is a list of all of these shows.

3. The School of Everything Else Archive contains nearly 200 podcasts covering everything that isn't a movie. And that can be found here. And here is a list of all of these shows

Twitter: @SchoolofMovies

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