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The Christmas Thieves

The Christmas Thieves

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Does Everyone Deserve Redemption?

Charles Dickens' classic tale of Christmas hauntings, reimagined in a new world. It is the winter of 1882, and the wizard, Merlene, has had his eye on the Captain of the Watchmen, Ambrosius Baltus.

As wrathful and mean as Ebenezer Scrooge, he is in even more of an advantageous situation to affect the people of London for good. But as Merlene’s foul-mouthed horse companion The Nag warns, this armoured, firecasting duart proves to be a stubborn and dangerous choice for this Christmas Eve project, and their ethically questionable scheme may result in more harm than it does help.

A novella featuring the characters of The Princess Thieves, blending Dickens’ words with a new perspective.

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The Audiobook

This yuletide ghost story is available as a cinematic audio drama.

Starring: Spencer Leeb, Alex Shaw, Theo Leigh, Sharon Shaw, Maureen Foley, Laureta Sela and Matt Wardle

Special Appearances from James Batchelor,, Matt Ramsey and Lyra Shaw

Music by Gil Haim Steinberg, Ross Bugden and Kevin MacLeod.

Length: 1 Hour 45 Minutes / Price: $4

“I was reluctant to give this one a try, assuming it wouldn't appeal to me. If it was going to be of any value, it needed to do a lot more than dress up Dickens' characters in new costumes. Happily, it does much more than that.”

Daniel Mayer

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