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Secret Rooms

Secret Rooms

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Which do you trust more, your senses or your intellect?

America has survived a war of independence, a civil war and a plague that has transformed its people into feral predators. Now humanity needs to pull together or face extinction.

Sharp-eyed doctor James Penrose and foul-mouthed boxer Abigail Grey are new recruits to the Cartographer Scouts, agents of the reunified US government. They set off across West Virginia, a dangerous wilderness now home to the savage victims of the wendigo outbreak.

Fortunately for James and Abigail their accompanying Captain is none other than sharpshooting legend Annie Oakley. What they find on their journey, however, is like nothing this world has seen before.

The late 19th century alternate America laid down in The Cartographer’s Handbook is explored up close and personal, through the eyes of these new heroes.

This Definitive Edition includes nine new chapters that explore the childhood encounters of the heroes.

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The Audiobook

This spine-tingling mystery is available as a cinematic audio drama. This Definitive Edition features nine new chapters.

Starring: Sharon Shaw, Alex Shaw, Laureta Sela, Spencer Leeb, Matt Wardle, Maureen Foley and Lorin Grieve.

Music by Kevin MacLeod, Marian Call and Edward Blakely.

Length: 6.5 Hours / Price: $9

“Great atmosphere, wonderful characters and the deep lore of the whole New Century series makes this one of the best titles I've read in a long time.”

-Holly Dotson

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Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye

The Cartographer's Handbook

The Cartographer's Handbook