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Let Them Go

Let Them Go

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When a Man’s world falls to pieces, where can a Woman stand?

A remote and ancient house in Cornwall, 1872. Rebecca Wolverton just wants to get the reading of her father’s will over and done with, then journey home with her sister, Amanda to run their shop in Bristol… but time is not on their side. It is Halloween; a night when things that are outside will try to get in, and what is inside will try to get out. The two sisters, along with their aunt Cleo, their lawyer Mr Dawson, and Amanda’s husband Rafe are in for the worst evening of their lives, and not all of them will see the dawn. Let Them Go is a gripping, mysterious Gothic romance, as well as a provocative commentary from the writer of Secret Rooms, Arlington and the award-winning Tiger’s Eye.

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The Audiobook

This spine-tingling Gothic romance is available as a cinematic audio drama.

Starring: Sharon Shaw, Theo Leigh, Laureta Sela, Spencer Leeb, Matt Ramsay, Maureen Foley and Matt Wardle. Narrated by Alexander Shaw.

Special Appearances from James Batchelor, Maya Santandrea, Debbie Morse and Lyra Shaw

Music by Kevin MacLeod, Ross Bugden, Gavin Dunne, Mattia Cupelli and Gil Haim Steinberg.

Length: 4 Hours / Price: $7

“An intimate drama with deeply affecting performances, a rich Gothic atmosphere, and a journey that resonates, by being about the struggle to carry on in those moments we’re overtaken by grief, as well as the value of inspiration...”

-Toby Jungius

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