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New Century's White House Floor Plan

New Century's White House Floor Plan

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This is the floor plan for the White House during the spring of 1883. Same as with the painstaking research for previous novels I had to carefully plan out who does what, bringing some people closer to where all the action is than they would have been in our prime timeline. 

NIA Advisor: Laura Graham (Executive Assistant Director of Intelligence)

Vice President: Rutherford B. Hayes

Chief of Staff: Conrad Jacobson

General of the Armies: Nathaniel Curtis

COMM Dr: Truth Arlington (Communications Director)

War Room: Chapter 12 happened here

EPS: Karla Lane (Executive Presidential Secretary)

Oval Office: 18th President Ulysses S. Grant (Chapter 6 happened here)

Originally the White House had a very different floor plan, but it has been re-modelled many times over the centuries. What this one suggests is that the Franklin Roosevelt overhaul of 1933 happened (as with the formation of their intelligence agency) several decades earlier to bring the architecture more in line with the TV show, The West Wing, which is the primary tone inspiration for the Arlington story.  

I urge you all to at least watch the first series of that show. It's easy to find, inexpensive on DVD, incredibly smart, funny, hopeful (something we desperately need right now) and filled with amazing performances and memorable moments. 

Secret Rooms Road Map

Secret Rooms Road Map

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